Thash Nathan

When Thash Nathan is not writing, she's a fangirl who is passionate about internet memes and all things pop culture - and often likes to merge both. Consider yourselves warned.

More About Thash Nathan

Thash tends to leans towards the realm of fantasy (lightsabers not included), which is why both academically and professionally - anything to do with conjuring up ideas and words has always appealed to her. However when fantasy is not a viable option, and her feet have to be anchored to the ground by forces called gravity and humanity, she... actually still does pretty much the same thing because her head is always in the clouds. Ever the idealist, and forever a daydreamer, she hopes to always live and work with passion, for the right causes. If you would much rather read the serious version of this saga, check out this page.

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Linkedin: Thashyni Pathmanathan