10 Reasons Why Every Woman Adores Jovian Mandagie Fashion Brand


Jovian Mandagie (JM), the self-made designer who joined the fashion scene only 8 years ago has seen a remarkable success in his short time in the industry. Since its founding in 2006, the brand is defined predominately in couture dresses from the legendary classic look to contemporary chic pieces, as well as daring bridal gowns and lavish evening dresses with innovative characteristics.  Jovian realised that the positive aspect to everything is the key success of the brand. Here are the 10 reasons why every woman is so in love with Jovian Mandagie fashion brand.

1) Semi-designer label

Jovian has created his own variety brands under one roof, The House of Jovian Mandagie. Apart from the designer collections, JM has made his touch available and affordable for women through the release of his Ready-To-Wear series.



2) Premium quality at affordable price

Jovian ensure every piece of his collection are made of high quality manufactured fabric and meticulously designed trendy pieces at decent price.


3) Innovative and trendy

Jovian’s collections have their own unique styles. Its innovative designs and the sophisticated combination of fabrics and colours are mend to accent every woman’s image.



4) Modern design

The brand showcases the perfect combination of classic and evergreen styles and designs. We get to see a modern and fresher look of those classic clothes like the baju kebaya and baju kurung.



5) Comfortable to wear

To ensure the apparels are comfortable to wear, especially under the hot weather like Malaysia, Jovian’s pick his materials carefully. He uses materials like high quality poly blend, crepe, satin chiffon, fancy fabric and etc. to ensure every woman who wears it feels comfortable and confident.


6) Muslimah friendly and modest

Jovian’s designs cater for those who seek a traditional wear that looks elegant and modest, but yet fashionable.



7) Versatile

The designs are suitable for any occasions – work, casual, festival celebration, formal events… you name it!



8) Perfect cutting to fit different sizes

It has variety of cuttings designed for different needs. Regardless you are looking for simplicity, detailed design, or want to emphasise the importance of flaunting the curve even when wearing traditional wear, Jovian has all cuttings to fit true to your sizes.



9) Suitable for all ages

What Jovian offers in his gleaming boutiques are not only limited to the enormous collection of couture and Ready-to-Wear dresses, but also a whole new personalised shopping experience, suitable for all ages.



10) Good customer experience

Apart from purchasing their collections through their boutique/ showroom, technology has made it more convenient and easy for customers to buy their favourite apparels from Jovian via its website. With the recent launch of JStore, customers can now place their orders or enquire through WhatsApp at +6013 304 6333. How cool is that!

Clothing is a protective sheath that enters into a sensual dialogue with the body of the woman who wears it. I don’t want to just create clothing but in creating them, I want her to indulge and wear it with confidence and pride.
— Jovian Mandagie

Posted on November 24, 2015 and filed under Businesses.