10 Things About Faafirds


Farhanah Firdaus, or better yet known as Faafirds is a young Beauty Vlogger who’s always passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion.

Let's hear from Faafirds the 10 Things About Her:


1. I love Japanese food – Sushi is my all time favourite!


2. Daily nap is important for me. If I missed any, I’ll be grumpy and cranky.


3. I love handbags and Chanel is my favourite! I always share my collection of handbags on my Instagram.


4. I love to draw but I only draw either during extremely cool weather (like after rain) or sunny hot weather. (I know, it is contradicting!)


5. I took up teaching after I completed my SPM.  I spent some time teaching in 2 primary schools.


6. I dislike horror movies since I was a little girl.


7. My focus and productivity starts about 8:00pm daily. Hence, I prefer to read or do my work at night.


8. My siblings and I are Chinese educated. Therefore, we speak Mandarin at home most of the time.


9. Every time when I got excited about something, I tend to speak very fast and my speeches are cluttered.


10. I am a stubborn person.  Only my closest friends are able to convince me at times.

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Youtube: Faafirds

IG: @Faafirds

Facebook: Faafirds

Posted on May 5, 2015 and filed under People.