10 Things About Life Bites Catering


Quoting its tagline “Taste That’s Larger Than Life”, the KL-based team at Life Bite Catering have a passion for turning your every single bite into mouthwatering and delectable treats.

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Life Bites Catering:


1. Life Bites Catering was founded in 2013 by 2 founders, who have known each other since primary school days in Subang Jaya.



2. Its workstation is based in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur


3. Life Bites Catering is supported by a team of specialists, who are culinary arts graduates of KDU College.


4. We offer a variety of cuisines - from Asian to Western, coupled with mouth-watering desserts and pastries.


5. We help our customers to customise the menu according to their taste preferences as well as budget.


6. We serve Halal-only banquets at all events and occasions.


7. Apart from food catering, Life Bites Catering also provides extensive event services such as setup and decorations.


8. To provide the best customer experience, we have a team of professional waiters/ waitresses, who are highly proficient in spoken English and Malay.


9. Beside food quality, we also strongly emphasise on cleanliness and outstanding customer service.


10. We strive to work harder in growing our business and continue serving our customers with high-quality food.


Find out more about Life Bites Catering:

Facebook: Life Bites Catering

Instagram: @lifebitescatering

Email: lifebitescatering@gmail.com

Contact: 010-2204682 / 017-3495091

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Posted on June 30, 2015 and filed under Businesses.