10 Things About Starz Band


Originated from Penang, the Starz Band creates the best ambiance for your auspicious event, guarantee to leave your guests with fond memories and unforgettable reminiscences of good music as they understand there is no more lovely, charming and friendly event than a wedding occasion.

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Starz Band:


1. Starz Band was founded by Nicholas Ong and Jessie Lim in 2007. Both have garnered 20 years of musical expertise and performance experience. Being multi-talented, Nicholas is a keyboardist, music arranger and programmer, composer, and producer with many years of experience in sound engineering. He has worked with many renowned artists and producers in Malaysia, Taiwan & Hong Kong. Jessie, being the woman behind Nicholas’ success, is also a full-time singer and manager with Starz ever since its establishment.


2. The name "Starz" originated from "Starz Music Academy" which was established in 2004 to provide musical education with regard to piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, and vocal courses.


3. In terms of professional etiquette, Starz Band demands proper, classy and elegant mannerisms from all its team members. Each team is required to dress up in formal and tasteful attire in matching colours to reflect uniformity in team spirit. Performers are expected to project and maintain a professional image at all events (Distasteful or sloppy attire, physical contact, intimate or suggestive gestures, inviting audiences to participate on stage are not permitted.)


4. Every singer and musician is disciplined and well-prepared. Prior to an event, a pre-set song list is always drawn up to ensure everything goes smoothly and perfectly. Each team of performers upholds punctuality and every performance or event is taken very seriously because they understand that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the wedding couple.

5. Starz Band offers a repertoire of music choices to clients, ranging from light, to sentimental, lively, jazz, and upbeat music. With the different alternatives available, clients can choose music and songs according to their own preferences.

6. To provide a comprehensive guideline for clients to achieve a well-covered entertainment portfolio, a huge library of multilingual songs is provided for clients to pick their favourites. A song list with different categories is carefully compiled to facilitate clients in the choosing process.


7. The performers at Starz engage in regular individual and group practices. Good teamwork creates wonders - group singing and harmonization can make a simple song sound lagi-sedap with all the ‘extra spices’.

8. Since Starz has many performers, cross-teaming is highly encouraged. Very often, different performers work closely in different teams to ensure a solid front of harmony and cohesive sense of togetherness throughout every function. Many clients have praised Starz and given written testimonials on how impressed they are with the band’s chemistry and dynamics.


9. Many do not know that Starz is also BIG on charity. For the past few years, charity concerts have been organized annually to aid various charitable organizations, such as Cancerlink, Fo Yi Kidney Dialysis Centre, Yi Ran Jing She Children Handicapped Centre, Soroptimist, and Aifaa Furry Shelter to raise funds. Hence, let it be known that Starz also finds much joy and satisfaction in organizing and holding such charity events and to play a part in contributing towards social welfare work.


10. Last but not least, everyone in Starz makes effort to bond with each other – not just as co-workers, but also as friends. Every once in a while, there will be meet-ups for cycling and badminton sessions where everybody have lots of fun. Furthermore, informal dinner sessions are often organized as a token of appreciation to recognize each other's efforts in making Starz such a wonderful performing family.


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