10 Things About The Huskitory


Located in Malacca, this is THE place for Siberian Husky lovers to hangout and spend time with their Huskies.

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things about The Huskitory:


1) The Huskitory is a home for lovely Siberian Husky.


2) It's a Pet Friendly café where dog lovers can spend time enjoying their tea sessions together with their own pets.


3) Special menu items are available exclusively for doggies who visit Huskitory.


4) It's a Siberian Husky's playground - a place for all beautiful Huskies.


5) We sell only Quality Siberian Husky Puppies


6) We imported some Huskies from other countries for Dog Show purpose.


7) Visitors get to play with our Huskies at our special designed Husky playground.


8) It is a place which provide Huskies lovers a memorable experience with many adorable Husky puppies.


9) The Huskitory is listed as one of the Malacca's Top 5 Must Visit cafés on several food and travel Blogs.


10) Professional dog handling and Show Home. 


Posted on November 10, 2015 and filed under Businesses.