10 Things About Zhiling Lim


Modern calligraphy is knowing those rules, then breaking them, that is why it is called modern or contemporary calligraphy. Zhiling Lim, the lover of letter and ink evangelist, has revived the old-fashioned art of calligraphy with a unique lettering styles.

Let's hear from her, the 10 Things about Zhiling Lim:


1) Zhiling (also known to her friends and colleagues as Zhi) is a self-taught Malaysian calligrapher and a Medical Bioscience fresh graduate.


2) @crazyhi was founded at the spur of a (very syiok-sendiri) moment on 10th April, 2015.


3) She started dabbling in calligraphy after spontaneously purchasing a Chinese brush… and has been hooked ever since!


4) Her calligraphy journey has since been a steep learning curve as she spent copious amounts of time (and money!) experimenting with different techniques and tools.


5) She has since organised calligraphy workshops designed for beginners to explore the fundamentals of brush lettering. She also cater to private sessions for groups and individual lessons.


6) Aside from workshops, Zhiling also accept requests for bespoke handwritten posters, wedding invitations, certificates and greeting cards.


7) Zhiling draws her inspiration from the works of other amazing calligraphers on Instagram and Pinterest.


8) Her favourite phrases to write while practicing are Bible scriptures and songs from her favourite songs. (Disney, anybody?)


9) 80% of her calligraphy work happens after midnight- when everyone else is asleep; the world is quiet and peaceful.


10) When she isn’t calligraphing or working, Zhiling enjoys having meaningful conversations over tea and dessert.


Posted on November 17, 2015 and filed under People.