10 Things About Goget

GoGet.my is a marketplace for errands and deliveries. GoGet.my connects people who are in need of help (“Poster”) with a ready, willing and able person (“GoGetter”) to get things done for them.

Let's hear from them, the 10 things about GoGet:


1. Our GoGet office is called the Hustle Hub.

2. Our verified GoGetters are always welcome to hangout at our Hustle Hub. We have a chillout room where the GoGetters can come in and hang out. We also have monthly get-togethers for our community.

3. We get many GoGetters who have a full time job and are GoGetters because they are looking for something new and fun to do.

4. Sometimes our GoGetters and Posters become friends and interact beyond a GoGet job.

5. Our GoGetters can even deliver the curry puff that is cooked under the umbrella next to the tree. We do not need to bring on established merchants to deliver their good. We instantly can deliver anything as long as there is a cashier for the GoGetter to pay for the item.

6. The city is our storefront and warehouse, we do not have any inventory or staff. We connect reliable people in the community to people in need of help to pick up things from anywhere around the city.

7. We have crazy promotions on a monthly basis where the GoGetters give out free goods and free delivery to help new posters experience the app.

8. There is a fish tank in our office where we train our GoGetters.

9. We spotlight and do a profile piece on GoGetters that have done a real job on GoGet.

10. Every GoGetter is screened and trained by the GoGet team face-to-face. 

Find out more about GoGet:


Instagram: gogetmy

Facebook: GoGet.my

Posted on January 13, 2015 and filed under Businesses.