10 Things About Kampung Quest

Let's hear from them, the 10 things about Kampung Quest:

1. Kampung Quest is Malaysia's first independently produced adventure show and was produced, directed and funded by two brothers, Feisal and Iskander Azizuddin.

Feisal & Iskander

Feisal & Iskander

2. The show features 10 Malaysians, called Urbanites, battling it out in challenges, called Quests, as one contestant gets eliminated each night.

3. The first season of Kampung Quest had a budget or RM10,000, which included sourcing for contestants, production and manpower. It was subsequently picked up for broadcast by HyppTV in October 2014.

4. After good viewer response, Kampung Quest was renewed for Season 2, this time with a bigger budget, it was filmed across Malaysia in 3 different locations, incorporating bigger challenges and more sophisticated game mechanics.

5. The new host of Kampung Quest is Jeremy Teo from RedFM.

6. Kampung Quest Season 2 features a darker and more thrilling season, with urbanites pushed to their very limits in physical, mental and social quests.

7. The first season of Kampung Quest was filmed by a ragtag crew of 6 people. The second season had a team of 12 which consisted of the producers, cameramen and production assistants.

8. The upcoming season of Kampung Quest features a deep, engaging and powerful soundtrack, composed exclusively by a popular composer from the United States. We're excited to reveal our composer very soon!

9. Feisal and Iskander hope to license Kampung Quest regionally, with the hopes of expanding its viewership across the South-East Asian region.

10. The Kampung Quest Season 2 teaser is out now and can be viewed here:

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