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Writing for the curious smartphone generation, living with a digital edge, hungry to discover more from the world around them. Vulcan Post is all about living life with a digital edge, up and coming startups, and people who inspire conversations.

Let's hear from them, the 10 things about Vulcan Post:

1. Vulcan Post originated from Singapore but they now have co-shared offices in both Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Vulcan Post has an online TV channel called Vulcan TV where they have so far filmed 10 office tours in cool companies such as Yahoo!, Spotify, Groupon, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and more. Vulcan TV is currently hosted by Edward Russel, a model from London, U.K.!

3. Vulcan Post was one of the few media companies from Southeast Asia to obtain an invite from Apple for their exclusive iPhone 6 launch event at Cupertino. Vulcan Post was barely even a year old at the time!

4. Vulcan Post has published nearly 2000 articles to date.

5. There are more female writers than male writers on the Vulcan Post editorial team. Girl power!

6. The true story of how Vulcan Post got its name, sadly has nothing to do with Star Trek (sorry trekkies). In fact, it's pretty uneventful. As the managing director himself puts it, "The .com was available for it."

7. Vulcan Post has had the privilege and honour of interviewing a few big names in their respective industries, such as the Head of Social Media and Innovations of Malaysia Airlines, Mohd. Hisham Saleh; Managing Partner of 500 Startups, Khailee Ng, TEDxKL Speaker, Human Roboticist Dr. Angelica Lim; the anonymous vigilantehs of SMRT (Feedback); award-winning photographer Edwin Khoo; and Singapore Presidential Elect Tan Kin Lian

8. All of Vulcan Post's main editorial team did not study anything related to media - Singaporean editor Liang Hwei studied Economics in University; Malaysian editor Sarah Yong was studying English to be a lecturer/grammar nazi; while managing director Jacky Yap studied real estate! However, their passion for great stories and great products is undeniable.

9. Most of Vulcan Post's writers are contributing writers who come from different places and backgrounds! We encourage each writer to share their own opinions and honest point of view, and it is all thanks to them that we are continuously growing and improving.

10. Each member of Vulcan Post's main editorial team has a weak spot for interesting things - Sarah Yong has a soft spot for animals, including her pet snake and rats which she usually carries around on her shoulder; Liang Hwei has an embarrassing obsession for Harry Potter (she also played Seeker in a game of Quidditch once); and Jacky will be your best friend if you offer him a glass of his favourite Japanese Whiskey. Now you know.

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