10 Things About Keng Studio


Inheriting visual art skills from his family, Edmund Lee, the founder of Keng Studio has been described with words like creative, passionate and professional. We had the chance to speak to Edmund and let's hear from him on the 10 Things About Keng Studio.

1) Who is Keng? (The company background)

Hi everyone! My name is Edmund Lee. The founder of Keng Studio. You must be wondering who is Keng? Well, Keng is actually nobody in our studio. 'Keng' actually means lens in Cantonese and it has been the flagship of my family business for the past generations. While the business under the flagship of Keng thrived tremendously back in 1950's, I have only heard about it during my family gathering or bedtime stories. I didn't really get the chance to witness the success in the good old days. 

A few years ago, as part of my desire to revive the legacy of Keng, I then decided to start a new chapter for Keng. That was when I created Keng's Photography and Keng's Cinematography. Today, both Keng's Photography and Cinematography has been combined to become Keng Studio. This is part of the streamlining effort due to the advances of technology. Unlike before, today a still camera is able to capture not just photo, but great video too. 


2) Do we need a Cinematographer for our wedding? 

Yes is certainly the answer. 

A perfectly captured wedding photo contains glamour, class and beauty – and is of course a stunning feature. But imagine that same glamour, class and beauty of your wonderful wedding moments captured in motion. All those sequence of events, sounds, reactions, emotions and details are what photos could not cater for. 

While a still picture would give you the space to imagine and reflect, don’t underestimate what a wedding video could offer. It could be one of your biggest regrets if you omit cinematography during your wedding. 


3) What is the style of Keng Studio?

I would like to use the word, journalistic. We, the team at Keng Studio, are like journalists, letting things unfold by themselves. We tell remarkable stories of your celebration.

4) What makes you different from the rest?

This question reminds me of the interview for my first job.

What I think really sets me and my team apart from the rest is our passion in film-making. We take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive and candid as possible. We pride ourselves on our excellent camerawork further enhanced by exceptional editing. I am confident that my past experience will translate well into what you hire me for today, a full fledged cinematographer.


5) Do you have a drone? 

Yes, I do. To those who are not aware of what a drone is. Drone is a remote control flying object that we use it to capture aerial view footage. 


6) Do you film beyond Malaysia?

We love to travel. So far we've filmed at Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, London, Singapore, Thailand, and Mauritius. Hopefully the list will go on and I will make sure I bring along my swimming trunk to your wedding pool party.


7) What is 'Same-Day-Edit' and what is it about?

SDE in short, is the highlight of the day. Guests get to watch what transpired earlier on while newlyweds gets a breather and gets a sense of what happened during their special day. It is ideal for after-wedding parties or gathering because you can start sharing to your friends and family to quell the thirst before the final-edited-video is released later on.


8) Why is the final-edited-video just 20 mins? (I don't think is gonna be enough)

Well, 20 minutes is a guideline. It highly depends on what happens during the wedding day. I will not include every single words that your grandpa says but only the key message from him to you. After all, the complete version of the speech, sermon and tea ceremony will be provided to you in another video clip. Chillax...


9) Why are you still giving DVD as the end product?

DVD-Video is still commonly used all over Malaysia and the rest of Asia. We hope that everyone would able to watch it at home. However, we do have other options such as Blu-Ray disc and MP4 format in Full HD for free.


10) Last but not least, are you still available?

Oops! I'm sorry, I m not. I am married to a lovely wife and we have two adorable children. Oh sorry, do you mean my availability for your wedding day? Yes, of course!

Kindly send us an email and share with us your plans and thoughts. We would be more than happy to meet you in person and to kick start the journey of stunning wedding video in-the-making.

Find out more about Keng Studio:

Email: info@kengstudio.com

Website: http://kengscinematography.com

Vimeo: vimeo.com/user1154094 

FB: Keng Studio

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