10 Things About Paris Optical

Paris Optical is an independent optical center located in Bangsar which provides optical services and professional eye examinations.

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Paris Optical

1. Location: Paris Optical, an optical center located strategically at 53, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru. Park your car in Bangsar Village II and we are just opposite the main entrance!


2. History: 2015 will be our 22nd humble operating year since 1993. Age appears to be the best in 4 things; old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old authors to read, and old friends (like us) to trust.

3. Team: Our professional team consists of certified optometrists, opticians and ophthalmic dispensers. They are all charming and gorgeous! Make an appointment to see them personally.

4. Professional: We do eye examinations and consultations on children as young as age 4; to adults as strong as age 99.

5. Prescriptions: We prescribe prescription on sunglasses; so that you will see clear and look awesome on your Instagram selfies.

6. Needs: We also prescribe specialty lenses according to your vision demand. i.e: Primary office/desk usage, Primary outdoor usage, Sport specific solutions, Occupational specific solutions, Myopia control, Computer Vision Syndrome solutions, etc.

7. Fashion & Necessity: Our sales team believes that prescription spectacles are both fashion accessories and necessity. We won’t be surprise if you tell us you owned 7 pairs of prescription spectacles at the same time.

8. Brands: We have authorization to distribute major fashion (Prada, Burberry, Rayban, Oakley, etc.), exclusive luxury (Chopard, Tom Ford, Mont Blanc, etc.) and niche eyewear (ic! Berlin, Linda Farrow, Markus T, etc.) brands in the market.

9. Social Media: Our Instagram @parisoptical and Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/ParisOpticalMalaysia have been established to deliver the latest fashion and style in eyewear; and offers from time to time.

10.  Message: We can be reached by 1. Phone call : 03-22828782 2. E-mail : parisoptical@gmail.com 3. Facebook private messages : www.facebook.com/messages/ParisOpticalMalaysia

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