10 Things About Just Pie

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Baking every pie to perfection! Just Pie is a Pie Specialist serving variety of pies in various locations across Klang Valley.


1) For the love of pie, Just Pie was founded two and a half years ago by 2 partners, Herman Lee & Edric Wong.

Just Pie Herman Lee

2) Herman comes from a chef-family of which his mother and uncles are chefs. This explains his passion for cooking and he is now managing the central kitchen of Just Pie. Surprisingly, Herman was actually a tutor teaching Add Maths and Physics prior to starting Just Pie! As for Edric, he mainly handles mall's managements and deals with suppliers on behalf of Just Pie.

3) All their Pies are made from in-house recipes, halal certified with no preservatives and no added chemicals to prolong shelf life. Their recipes also went thru strict tasting test by his chef-family.

Just Pie Pies

4) They serve both savoury and sweet pies called ‘Pake’. Other than the classics such as Chicken & Mushroom Pie made using the puff pastry, they also serve Pake (combination of cake & pie crust) like Tiramisu Pie, Red Velvet Pie, Nutella Pie and many more.

Just Pie Tiramisu Pie

5) In total, they have more than 20 savoury and sweet choices of pies in their menu.

Just Pie Menu

6) Just Pie believes other than the traditional selections, pies can also come in revolutionary taste which should appeal to not just the youngsters but also the mass across all ages.

7) Currently they have 4 outlets located at Midvalley, IOI City Mall, 1 Utama and Gleneagles Hospital Ampang.

Just Pie Concept

8) While looking for further expansion in terms of location, Just Pie is also available for licensing program.

9) Just Pie also caters for parties and events as well as meal deliveries through Food Panda. Just so you know you can actually have Just Pie without leaving your office!

10) Unlike Cafes (which serve variety of items), they pride themselves as a pie specialist serving pies as their main dish. In time to come, they visualize replacing main western dish with pie while maintaining the side dishes like French fries and salad

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