10 Things About Pollbook

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Pollbook:

1) Pollbook is the FIRST ever social polling network in Malaysia which believes its distinctive polling elements could add further excitements and possibilities to the conventional way of socialising.


2) The idea of Pollbook came across when the founders reminisced about polling during the old school days and noticed there was a lack of aggregation for feedback in conventional social media sites.


3) We have a mascot named Polly Boy. If you have sharp eyes, you will see that our little guy is created using all the letters from P.O.L.L.B.O.O.K.


4) We bet you didn’t know that there is a letter B within our logo P, which implies “PB”, a short form of Pollbook. At the same time it also represents a bar chart and also a pair of friendly eyes if you look closely enough.


5) Why did we choose green as our primary colour? Well, simply because we did not want to use the same colour as Facebook yet we want to have a colour representing social interaction just like the colour of WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE! 


6) We envisage polling to be fun, casual and engaging. With Pollbook, “Now Everyone Can Poll”, at anytime, anywhere.


7) Besides posting a status update or sharing a photo, Pollbook’s uniqueness lies within its ability to allow users to offer choices in the form of text, pictures or tags; making voting, polling and aggregation of opinions possible.


8) Pollbook also has its own key signature features such as “Allow Suggestions”, “Allow multiple likes”, “Set Poll Timer”, “Posts Privacy”, "Group Polling (Groupoll)", "Explore" and many more which make Pollbook a distinctive polling platform.


9) While Pollbook is made available to iOS and Android platforms, a web log-in version is also available for business users via  www.pollbookapp.com


10) Did you know that TallyPress is a publishing arm of Pollbook? TallyPress is an online magazine which aims to promote noteworthy individuals and businesses through tallies and lists of Top10s.

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Posted on March 31, 2015 and filed under Businesses.