10 Things About Ariff AB

Let's hear from Ariff the 10 Things About Him:

1. I am a singer-songwriter based in Petaling Jaya. I play the acoustic guitar- a genre called Alternative Indie Freak Folk. I also have launched my first debut album called 'Transmission'. ( Available now)

2. I am an athletic individual. I play football, futsal, golf and boxing. I get a lot of inspiration and determination in my music through sports. That's my main drive.

3. I am a touring artist. I performed in China, Singapore, Australia and my recent tour was in the UK. I was scouted and given a chance to audition for The Voice UK Top 100 when I was on tour in London. Unfortunately, due to Visa issues I couldn't pursue that opportunity.  I was also on Deptford Radio and did a lil session with The BBC unsigned session in Dalston, London

4. I am a night person. I spend most of my nights writing and composing. In the day, i do music distribution for a company which I've just started up with my brother. We focus more on the sport of boxing and music.

5. I am a coffee addict. I love my coffee. Can't live without it!  I like spending time at a coffee shop- reading, emailing and researching. Most of the time observing things.

6. I'm a movie buff- all time favorite movie- Scarface, Rocky1-6 and The Godfather

7. I'm a competitive guy. Always looking for a challenge.

8. My black ray bans is my mask on stage. Gives a different persona each time i'm up on stage

9. I'm a family guy. AB all the way. When I'm on tour away from my family in other countries, I will perform my best for them as they are always on my mind. 

10. I'm a cat lover.

For show bookings email ab.co.official@gmail.com .

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Posted on March 9, 2015 and filed under People.