10 Things About Shane's Handmade

Shane's Handmade specializes in handmade bags and pouches. Every item is carefully constructed from the start to finish, made with love and passion by Shane, the founder herself.

Let's hear from Shane, the 10 Things About Shane's Handmade :


Shane's creation:

1. The finished product will be one n' only piece with unique artwork and designs.

2. All our products are assured for high quality workmanship, they are absolutely delicate handmade craft.

3. Our products provide customers with an opportunity to be themselves through customization. We aim to make everyone feel special with personalized item.

4. We seek for continuous improvement to explore new craft from time to time. We often attend courses abroad to learn new skills and techniques, gain experiences and discover latest trends.

5. We do leather crafts too. It is something new and we are excited about it.


6. Our workshops are your chance to learn a complete new skill or to refine one you already know. We provide tools and starter kits for various crafts depending on the skill levels.

7. We believe every individual has the potential to create something beautiful, therefore we hope to unleash the inner creative in everyone through their learning process.

8. Our classes are designed to address small group which are capped at 4 participants. We aimed at providing individualized mentoring, giving invaluable advice and practical support for their progression.

9. We ensure a cozy and good learning environment that allow students to express their thoughts and ideas.

10. We love sharing our passion in the space so everyone gets to receive a venue to augment skills, develop and articulate their creative vision, and to share their collective knowledge with everyone.

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IG: @shanewong

Email: shanehandmade@gmail.com

Posted on April 13, 2015 and filed under Businesses.