10 Things About Enya Mareine

Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery is a group of professionals & Master photographers with a particular passion for people photography - especially wedding and portrait photography

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Enya Mareine:

1) Enya Mareine is the Most Awarded Wedding Gallery in Malaysia.

2) Besides Pre-wedding shoots, Enya Mareine also provides Actual Day Photography & Videography service.

3) Not to forget, the Actual Day Make-up service too.

4) Beyond wedding services, Enya Mareine also covers Commercial Advertising Service.

5) Unlike other bridal gallery, Enya Mareine provides Made-to-Measure service for Wedding Gown & Men's Suit.

6) Enya Mareine delivers tip-top Oversea Shooting Service.

7) Likewise, Enya Mareine knows where is best for outstation shooting.

8) All the above are backed by a Professional Team with top notch service and experience.

9) Enya Mareine strives to continuously explore new things and upgrade our service.

10) We believe in giving back to the society by participating in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Posted on May 19, 2015 and filed under Businesses.