10 Things About Chloe Leong

Describing herself as a fashion lover, one of the Malaysia's Top Fashionista, Chloe Leong, is owning the fashion scene and she has been doing it since her young age.

Let's hear from her, the 10 Things About Chloe Leong:

1) I love waking up early to make breakfast on weekends.

2) I work out in gym for 4 times a week.

3) I love to listen to Bossa Nova especially when I am sad.

4) I used to have piercings in my belly button AND my tongue when I was fifteen.  

5) I am the youngest in my family with two older sisters and we all look different.

6) Every alternative Sunday I accompany my parents for dinner or dim sum in the morning.

7) There is a chunk of naturally grown white hair on the left side of my head. They are now dyed in black

8) Dentist once told me my mouth is hard to fit all 32 teeth so I only have 28 with bracing.

9) I have a big voice. Especially when it comes to something funny, i cant help not to laugh out loudly.

10) I first started to get involved in photo-shooting when I was helping a friend at the age of 14. This eventually led me to working closely in fashion advertising. 

Find out more about Chloe Leong:

FB: Chloeleong

IG: @chloeleongg_

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Posted on May 25, 2015 and filed under People.