10 Things About The Artsy Craftsy

The Artsy Craftsy

1) The Artsy Craftsy is a Malaysian creative lifestyle blog biz. It was founded by Shia Lynn, Toh – a creative lifestyle blogger, copywriter, artist and crafter.


2) In year 2008, when fashion review blogs & blogshops were popular, Shia Lynn noticed that there was a lack of creative, inspiring blogs in Malaysia. The Artsy Craftsy was then created as an outlet for her to reconnect with her creative passion.

3) The Artsy Craftsy evolved and became a creative lifestyle blog that supports the local creative community, and inspire readers to create a well-balanced life with creativity through its topics on arts, crafts, lifestyle and more.

4) In 2014, The Artsy Craftsy was shortlisted Top 10 in Content Category at the DiGi WWWOW Awards Malaysia, and later on was invited by Hotlink Malaysia to be one of OhhSome Fest’s featured line ups.

5) The Artsy Craftsy founder & blogger left her 9-5 copywriting job to focus on her passion on turning the blog into a business.

6) The Artsy Craftsy launched its own creative lifestyle product line, called The Artsy Craftsy Shop.

7) Able to relate to the local emerging creative artists and crafters, The Artsy Craftsy created an affordable programme to collaborate with creative biz owners and local talents.

8) The Artsy Craftsy has collaborated with brands such as Toyota Global, Staedtler Malaysia, Yellowbee.my, Maeday, Zalora Malaysia, Lazada Malaysia, Photo Crafts, Monstagram, Habitatt and many more.

9) The Artsy Craftsy also started 'Arts & Crafts Lounge', a growing Facebook creative community group where creative talents & enthusiasts network & inspire one another.

10) The Artsy Craftsy believes that ‘Art is a Way of Life, Creativity is the Soul’.

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