10 Things About Underground Société

Underground Société a cafe, but one with an alternative lifestyle and artistic expression - in an Underground way. Brought to you by the team behind CoffeeSociété and Garage 51. 

Let's hear from them, the 10 Things About Underground Société! 


1) Lobster Benedict with Roasted Pumpkin

Egg Benedict is always one of the best, classic options for a perfect brunch, Underground Société offers an alternative to your usual good old Eggs Benedict.

2) French Toast with Nutella

French Toast with Nutella is a whooper! The delighted thought of French Toast with ice cream for brunch. It’s an icy treat with the whole French toast and ice cream drizzled with Nutella and piled with generous amount of fresh berries and edible flowers. The French toast with Nutella is a match made in heaven.

3) Coffee on Tap

Enjoy cold brewed coffee straight fresh from the tap! Coffee on Tap is a huge draw card and Underground Société just might be the only café in KL to currently serve it. It is chilled with the same texture as a beer on tap, lightly effervescent with a good inch head, and the great smooth texture on the coffee will makes you crave for more! Perfect to beat the heat!

4) Mochatella

Mochatella is combining the best of both worlds of coffee cubes and nutella! Blended well by a glass jar of fresh milk. The taste of this unique, delicious, not overly sweet and a cute concoction is that has several flavor profiles which gives you different taste as it progresses from time to time Nutella and coffee lover will definitely love this! Best of both worlds! Often named the entry level-drink for non coffee drinker!

5) Underground Grenade

US signature dessert is the Underground Grenade, best shared by two. Soft Italian meringue and sorbet for a nice finish to this meal. While the alcohol was burned away a soft hint of liquor ice remained bestowing another layer of flavour to the sweet. A biscuit crumble lined the base and a soft dark chocolate truffle was a hidden surprise at the center. It’s an addictive yet refreshing dessert and hard to stop at just a few spoonfuls. – non alcohol version available

Wonder how the Underground Grenade is served? Watch it here!


6) Underground Fireball

Underground Fireball is also another dessert worth lusting after. Chocolate ball on chocolate soil with a ring of meringue and edible flowers also gets the hot light up treatment with alcohol. Once the fire died out, the chocolate ball melts slowly to unveil the hidden chocolate lusciousness inside the ball. It’s utterly divine and sinful. – non alcohol version available

Wonder how the Underground Grenade is served? Watch it here!


7) Underground Blossom

A Joaquim Sousa inspired dessert. A gorgeously complicated chocolate dessert that blossom like flower. This dish is extremely challenging to make but the complexity of its flavor, taste and presentation is second to none. – no alcohol

Wonder how the Underground Grenade is served? Watch it here!


8) Underground Coffee w Baileys

Fresh coffee with boost! Nice and refreshing cocktail to compliment your meal 

9) Ladies Night

And yes! Underground Societe is not all just about underground work, they do appreciate ladies like others as well! Ladies Night on every Wednesday does bring the hype to help you ladies going through mid-week crisis. Check them out for more of their Ladies Night event on their Facebook page.

10) Free Flow Wine

Tired of working? Come and let us treat you with free flow wine! Enjoy your wine and don’t let one thing ruin your night. Check us out on our page for latest promotion.

Find out more about Underground Société:


FB: Underground Société

IG: @UndergroundSociete

Address: 68, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya

Opening Hours: 11am to 2am Daily

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