10 Things About Lefty Julian

Lefty Julian, is a highly experience caricaturist and more than that. Let's hear from him, the 10 things about Lefty Julian:

1) I am a Left Hander

2) I Live in Penang

3) I am also a comic book artist

4) I am the creator of Major Zombie IP, which is published by myself as a series of graphic novels under the Gilamon banner. 

5) I did a series of illustrations in the subject matter of air wells in traditional houses, for George Town World Heritage Inc's notebook and merchandises. 

6) I am a per-time lecturer at The One Academy Penang


7) I just completed my second comics adaptation of a science fiction novel for young readers. 

8) You can find my artworks around George Town under the "Marking George Town" iron rod art installation project

9) I recently had a group exhibition at #Studio267 in KL entitled "Are We Lost - A Search for Malaysian Pop Culture". 

10) I am a caricaturist for Penang Trishaw Entourage, a Penang Global Tourism program to promote Penang. I was at the Jakarta stop, next are Bangkok and Taipei. 

Find Out More About Lefty Julian: 

FB: Lefty Julian | Gilamon | Eco Pop Art

Email : leftgmon@gmail.com

Posted on September 15, 2015 and filed under People.