CardPow opens its door to more exciting rewards

Posing at the CardPow! launch, co-founders Charles Wong (left) and Sze Jun King (right) at a restaurant in Citta Mall.

Posing at the CardPow! launch, co-founders Charles Wong (left) and Sze Jun King (right) at a restaurant in Citta Mall.

CardPow, a Malaysia-based startup providing discounts and rewards for shoppers, official announces launches its cashback program. The company kicks off to a great start with its new feature that offer its users a cashback whenever they spend on select outlet/brands.

“CardPow took over 2 years to build, modify and pivot to what it is today. We're excited to see it finally ready for public usage,” Sze Jun King, COO and co-founder of CardPow who commented on the company’s official launch.

The company’s main aim is to help consumers save money by giving them on demand discounts, promotion and available cashbacks from selected outlets/brands whenever they spend. Through its network of local and international merchants, CardPow is able to offer cashback rewards on a plethora of categories including fashion, beauty, healthcare, food & beverages, vacations, IT gadgets, lifestyle accessories and more.

Using CardPow has never been easier. Just visit, snap a photo of your receipt, upload and wait for the cashback to be credited. The CardPow app offers an easy way to access to search for cashback, discounts and rewards when you shop at selected outlets/brands in major shopping malls across the country. With CardPow, you will get a percentage of cashback for every Ringgit you spend. You also get to play a minigame, Spin the Wheel for Pow Points to win and redeem ‘powsome’ gifts. Just sign up and get rewarded as you shop – it’s fun, easy with no frills attached!

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Conceptualised in 2012, the prototype for CardPow programme was born in 2013 and development work started in 2014. With the hard work and dedication of the company’s team and financial assistance under the Creative Industry Development Fund (CIDF) from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the beta version was launched on 1 February 2015. CardPow was also adopted as part of Maybank’s Fintech programme in July.

With consumers on the constant lookout for the best bargains and money-for-value, especially in this current economy, CardPow’s future is bright as it offers just what everyone needs – a good cashback programme that helps you to shop wisely and get rewarded for every Ringgit you spend. When asked about future plans for the company, the CEO and co-founder of CardPow, Charles Wong is excited about launching it in emerging economies such as Vietnam and Cambodia by the end of 2016.

“These emerging countries present a new and untapped vast market of young and mobile savvy users. With over 50 million users in the major cities of Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh, we’re considering CardPow to be available there because of the big and long term opportunities,“ he said.

It is clear that CardPow presents a win-win solution for both consumers and partner merchants. Hence, the company is looking forward to exponential growth through more exciting partnerships in the future. CardPow will have its first Cashback Weekend this 21st and 22nd May 2016. 

For more information on getting cashback with CardPow or how to become a partner merchant, visit

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