10 Bad Habits of Malaysians (with video)


Malaysians are trapped in these bad habits that we wish we never had… because some of these are so embarrassing! Can you relate to any of these?

A big thank you to our friends at Grim Film for this #velinai video! Because Say "thank you" is free mah! 

1. Double Parking

This inconsiderate behaviour is becoming quite the norm. Double parking irresponsibly and leaving the cars unattended without having the courtesy to leave their contact on their cars' dashboards.



2. Jump Queue

Most Malaysians will experience this whenever there is a traffic jam or having to queue for public transport. But hey, did you know that the habit of cutting the queue is what is creating the queue?



3. Ignoring Public Signs/ Rules

Another infamous trait that is associated with some Malaysians is they disregard for public signs or rules. They smoke at non-smoking areas, park at no parking zones, and use emergency lanes in a non-emergency situation on the highway.


4. Not Time Conscious

There’s a saying in Malaysia when events started late, “Malaysian timing lah!” Most Malaysians do not view time as a commodity, and they usually ended up late for meetings.


5. Reckless Driving

Who does not agree that Malaysia is famous for its ‘awesome’ driving ethics? They swear, honk every two seconds, overtake, drive recklessly, and ‘occasionally’ show the finger to express their disgust at everyone else.


6. Texting While Driving

Let’s admit it – most of us do this all the time.  No matter how good you are at multitasking, texting causes a driver to lose road concentration and delayed reaction.  Same goes with calling, emailing, candy crush-ing and any other sorts of phone usage.


7. Love Asking for Discounts/ Freebies

Malaysians love freebies!  Every time we purchase something expensive, such as mobile phone, laptop, car etc., we will never forget our favourite lines “Got free gift or not?” or “Cannot be cheaper meh?”


8. Not Giving Up Seats for People In Need

Not sure if the “priority seat” signs are not prominent enough, we can never understand why Malaysians are so reluctant to give up seats for pregnant women and elderly people in buses or trains.


9. Leaving Trolleys in Parking Lots

Some things do not seem to change in Malaysia... Why are the people being so lazy and inconsiderate?


10. Not Saying "Thank You"

Does “thank you” cost you a bomb? No?! Then don’t be stingy about saying “thank you” to the people who has done something nice to you.


It’s time for us to look at ourselves and ask if we are among the counted.  Together, we can all strive to make our country a better place to live in. So start managing away your bad habits now!

Posted on October 20, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.