10 Hilarious Lies We Have All Told Our Parents


There has been some random hashtags trended on Twitter lately, including this one that kicked off last week - #LiesIveToldMyParents. While we were searching through the #LiesIveToldMyParents hashtag, we realised that everyone has been telling the exact same lies. Here are some of the funniest ‘lies’ tweeted by Netizens which kept us entertained all day.

1. When we smoke or drink


2. When we do not want to let our parents know that we are dating someone


3. When we do not want our parents to follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


4. When we have to seek permission to go out at night


5. When we came back from a hard-core party night


6. When our parents asked, ‘Where are you now?’


7. When we do not feel like doing homework


8. When we scored badly in our test


9. When we were reluctant to pick up our parents’ call


10. When your parents saw you cried

Which of these lies have you told?
Posted on July 5, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.