10 Mother-In-Law Behaviours That Deserve Your Respect


The moment a bride says, “I do.” Not only does she get a husband, but in most cases, a mother-in-law as well. Majority of the mother- and daughter-in-law issues can never be resolved. A lucky girl may get a thoughtful mother-in-law who treats her daughter-in-law like her own daughter. A good mother-in-law knows very well that she needs to play an important role in ensuring healthy family dynamics, and these behaviours deserve our respect.

1. Ask the son to put his wife before her.

She understands the fact that the son is married and therefore he has his own family and the wife should be the priority.


2. Does not rearrange the son’s house.

She remembers well it’s not her house, so she doesn’t decide where things are kept.


3. Does not mediate marital disputes.

She understands that no one gets to have the inside scoop on the marriage therefore she doesn’t try to involve herself in her son’s arguments with his wife.



4. Never think her son is perfect.

In connection to number 3 above, also known as: “Daughter-in-law is not always wrong too”.


5. Never enter her son’s bedroom without knocking.

She respects privacy!


6. Never offer unsolicited advice.

No one, no one likes unsolicited advice, she keeps mum if the daughter-in-law doesn’t ask for her opinion.


7. Never show up unannounced

Like number 5 above, she knows this situation can be quite embarrassing.


8. Does not compare herself to her daughter-in-law’s mother.

Instead, she treats the daughter-in-law’s mother like her best friend.


9. Does not fold the daughter-in-law’s inner wear without permission.

She understands there is such a thing as sexy or lacy lingerie which the daughter-in-law may wish to keep private.


10. Does not criticise her daughter-in-law’s cooking.

Everyone cooks the way they like it.


Always remember, healthy boundaries are what keep us sane and foster better relations. Set boundaries for yourself, and respect your in-law's boundaries. When any one of you do stray into each other's cross-hairs, try to see the situation from each other’s point of view.


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Posted on June 20, 2015 and filed under Work & Relationships.