10 Reasons Why Fasting Month is Special

The fasting month or Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the time where our Muslim friends will fast from dawn until dusk, refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, as well as participating in anything that is ill-natured or excessive. As opposed to other holidays, when people often indulge, Ramadan is special for Muslims for the following reasons.

1. When Ramadan begins, the gates of Heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, the devils are chained.

This helps the believers to perform and further multiply those deeds, gives the believers of the potential for performing righteous deeds that lead to Paradise, and Allah The Almighty strengthens the will from committing of sins in Ramadan while the devils weakens in his schemes and fails to achieve his plots.


2. A sense of awareness and spirituality

It’s a spiritual jump-start for the year. Muslims believe that rewards of good deeds, acts of charity and worship are multiplied during Ramadan. One will feel worse committing wrong acts and finds it easier to do good work.


3. Self-purification

Fasting teaches the Muslim in spirituality, humility and patience. It is the time to cleanse the soul, focus attention on God, and put into practice selflessness. One may be motivated to change one’s own condition for self-improvement, or helping others change theirs. It is the time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God and to put forward more prayer than is customary. The aim is to become a better person.



4. Health Benefits

Fasting for 29-30 days provide just enough time to cleanse and detoxify the many systems of the body.


5. Forgiveness by Allah (SWT)

For those who fast in Ramadan out of sincere faith, and expecting the reward from Allah, his previous sins would be forgiven.


6. Angels to Seek Forgiveness

For those who fast until they break their fast, the Angels will also help them to seek forgiveness from Allah.


7. The Night of Decree

In Ramadan, there is a night called the Laylatu Al-Qadr (the Night of Decree). According to the scholars, any righteous deed performed in that night is better than the actions of one thousand months.


8. A special relationship with the Qur'an

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims believes that Qur'an was sent down as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong).


9. Develop Feelings of Sympathy

This month teaches us the lesson of kindness towards others. Fasting helps a person to experience how a hungry person feels and what it feels like to have an empty stomach. It teaches people to share the sufferings of the less fortunate.


10. Good Time for Bonding

Through family and community gatherings, Muslims strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, in their own communities and throughout the world during Ramadan.

Ramadan fasting is for the betterment of oneself. It is a way of life which every individual should follow for a healthier living. Wishing our Muslims friends a blessed Ramadan!
Posted on June 28, 2015 and filed under Lifestyle.