10 Types of Difficult Colleagues at Work


If you’re like most people, you spend 40 hours a week at your job, which likely means spending more time with your colleagues than your own friends and family. Work can be a great place to meet new people, but if you ever need to spend time dealing with problematic people, you know how destructive and exhausting they can be.  Watch out for these 10 types of difficult people at work!

1. The Spy

This group of people are pretty much the blue eyed boys/ girls in the office. They will report all happenings at work to their bosses such as “Boss, Ranjit was late for 30 minutes today.” or “Boss, I saw Lucy having lunch with your enemy.”



2. The Backstabber

This group of people are willing to do anything to advance their careers and are always throwing others under the bus to help their reputations. Be careful when you post something up on your social media. There is a chance of someone informing your superior, “Boss, look at her Facebook status.  It sounds like she’s unhappy with you.”



3. The 'Lalang'

This group of people are trying hard to please both parties. At one end, he/she agrees with your standpoint.  On the other hand, when the issue is being raised at the discussion and your boss tends to disagree, your colleague will immediately change his/her stance to support your boss without a split second of hesitation!



4. The 'Wall’

This group of people are being ignorant. They couldn’t be bothered about anything that happens around them. Not even if the sky is going to fall in the next second.  They will be seated quietly at their desks and do only what are being written in their job descriptions. If you need assistance from them, you’ll probably get some snide remarks like “This is not stated in my job description”, "This is beyond my scope” or “This is not my job”.


5. The ‘Emperor’ or ‘Empress’

This group of people thinks that they are the boss.  Well, don’t be surprised if someone around you tells you off by saying “I am a senior. I don’t do ground work”.  Maybe this is because they think that they are way overqualified to do all these non-value added assignments.


6. The Lazy Bones

This group of people are expecting others to pick up their job.  They normally will clock in late, go for long lunches, often missing-in-action at work, leave office early and if you are ‘lucky’ enough, you might encounter some who play computer games or even watch movies at work!  “I don’t know" or "I have no experience in handling this" are their favourite lines.


7. The Complainer

This group of people has a list of never-ending issues to complain about. Who doesn’t have problems, right?  Do you need to complain from day to night to the same people at the same place all the time?



8. The Liar

This group of people manipulate their colleagues without a conscience. They take credit for other people’s work and will lie their way out of any problem to avoid blame. A classic example, “I fought hard for your bonus, but it wasn’t approved by the big bosses”.  How many of you will think that this isn’t a lie?


9. The Big Ego

This group of people likes to tell people around them about all the achievements that they have accomplished and claim that they are the most important person in the company.  Sometimes they will also tend to tell you about how close they are with the big bosses.  Do you seriously need to do all these to secure your status at work?


10. The Steamroller

This group of people won’t let you have a voice. He or she likes to control the room and often takes your ideas and passes them off as his or her own.


Posted on April 20, 2015 and filed under Work & Relationships.