10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend / Wife Happy


Women are easy to please. What? I know, most of you don’t think that way.  No matter how different your girl might be the following rules will definitely make her blissful while it proves you to be Mr. Right.

1. She is always right

Even though she has made a mistake, do not argue with her because you will never win.



2. Act deaf

When she asks you a question that you do not want to answer, pretend that you did not hear the question. Half the time, she would be too irritated to repeat the question again. The other half, just agree with her because she is always right!



3. Always give an opinion

Girls generally loves shopping, when she is choosing between a few different dresses give an opinion and don’t just say everything looks the same, even if everything does look the same.



4. Act before she acts

If you know she is going to get angry, you get angry before she does. Half the time she forgets that she is supposed to be angry and tries to calm you down. The other half, she is always right again.



5. Make decisions

Very often she would ask you a simple question, “what should we eat?”. It sounds simple, but please do not be fooled. It is a trick question because she has already made a decision on what to eat. All the places that you suggest would be irrelevant and she seems to find ridiculous reasons why it’s a terrible suggestion. Do not argue with a girl when she makes a decision because she is always right!



6. Do not use the “F” word in front of her

“F-A-T”. Never ever say that she is FAT, or she will remember it till the end of days. She will use it against you in all occasions such as “you don’t love me anymore because I am FAT”



7. Tell her she is pretty

Always tell her she is pretty even if she just woke up and isn’t in the best of looks.



8. Learn their language

Girls have a special language. YES is NO and NO is YES. They think that the language is too simple so they like to reverse things a little. But it gets a bit tricky sometimes, because YES can be YES and NO can be NO as well.



9. Do not let her catch you looking at other girls

But in the event that she catches you looking at other girls, pretend that you were not looking. Use point number 2 and try to act deft then if she gets angry use point number 4 and get angry before she does, but if all fails, use point number 1 and she is always right!



10. All girls love flowers

Even if she tells you that she doesn’t like them, she is a terrible liar. If all fails, give her flowers to make her happy.


This article has been proven quite effective! But it is just for laughs! Please do share it if it made you laugh a little.

Posted on May 9, 2015 and filed under Work & Relationships.