10 Ways to Tell Your Doctor You Need an MC


If you ever feel lazy waking up in the morning for work or in need to run errands but do not wish to waste your annual leave, “you’ve got to tell your doctor a story”. Oh well, this list is strictly for employees only!

1. That Time of the Month

Menstrual pains and feeling under the weather each month are common reasons given to the doctor. A male doctor would usually approve your MC without further questions.


2. Stressed Out At Work

Tell the doctor you are overworked and having consistent pain at the forehead or back of the head and neck. Tension headaches usually will distract one’s work performance, therefore, doctors should be recommending you to take a break.


3. Skip Meals

Describe to the doctor how tight deadlines are at work and you have been skipping lunches and having late dinners at most days. Today you are feeling nauseous and your stomach is bloated, pain at times too. Obviously these are gastric symptoms that would allow you to rest at home.



4. Hangover

Show a guilty face to the doctor by telling him how bad the previous night was, where you were required to take your clients out for a hardcore drinking session. Hangovers are usually in full effect the next morning after a night of overdosed booze consumption.



5. Just Broke Up

Mood disturbances such as depression, anxiety and irritability due to a recent break up have made you an insomniac every night. This reason may help you to gain sympathy from female doctors.



6. Overexertion

Tell the doctor you are experiencing nausea, dizziness and perhaps dehydrated after the morning workout at gym, therefore you need to rest at home and avoid working under the sun.


7. Food Poisoning

Just simply name a dirty hawker stall and claimed you had dinner there the previous night, subsequently suffered from diarrhea since midnight. Doctor would automatically diagnose it as food poisoning.


8. Parental Exhaustion

“My baby is ill in bed…” the lie-ins and nights of broken sleep have left you feel completely exhausted, therefore you are unfit to work.



9. Jet Lag

Inform the doctor you just came back from somewhere and you had problems adjusting to the local time. Make sure you mention a place far enough that causes you jet lag!



10. Haze

By searching these keywords “effects of haze”, you will be able to get a long list of health problems such as itchy, watery, or red eyes, runny nose or some form of breathing difficulty and all of these should be sufficient to grant you a permission to stay at home.


Tips: never stop acting until you have completely walked out from the clinic.

Posted on May 2, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.