10 Ways To Save Money When You Have A Child Who Is Less Than 3 Years Old

Image Credit: http://www.startpottytraining.com/

Image Credit: http://www.startpottytraining.com/

1) Government medical facilities

You can fully utilize government facilities by going to the government clinics for pregnancy checkups and government hospitals for delivery and also the infant immune injections. The cost estimated at the government hospitals and clinic is as below:

Cost of pregnancy checkups = RM 0.00

Cost of delivery = Less than RM200.00

Cost of immune injections = RM 0.00

2) Breast feed or normal powder milk

Breast milk is the best nutrition food for a baby that we could not produce in this world. Besides, it allows a mother to save money for at least a year. However, if a mother could not produce milk for some instance, you can get normal milk powder instead of engineered milk powder to feed the baby. Some old folks say, baby with breast milk grows stronger.

Cost of breast milk = RM 0.00 / year

Cost of milk powder (optional) = Max. RM 30.00 /kg / week (RM 1440.00 /year @ 1kg / week)

3) Use linen diapers instead of disposable diapers

Linen diapers can be reused and may last for 3 years. Assuming that you will be changing diapers 8x a day and for the next 365 days, the estimated calculation will be as below:

Minimum linen diapers to have = 16pcs

Minimum disposable diapers to have = 2920pcs

Cost of yearly linen diapers = RM 3.00 /pcs x 16pcs = RM 48.00 /year

Cost of yearly disposable diapers =  RM 1.30 /pcs x 2920pcs = RM 3796.00 /year

4) Get the pre-loved clothes from whoever that doesn’t need it anymore

Well, some of our friends or relatives may not need baby clothes anymore, we could try to get from them for our babies. Some old folks say, baby with old clothes (grown up baby clothes) grows faster.

 Cost of clothing = RM 0.00

5) Baby to sleeps on kids’ bed instead of baby crib

Why does a baby need a baby crib, instead he or she can sleep on a kids’ bed on the floor.

Cost of kids’ bed = RM 100.00 (can last more than 5 years)

Cost of new baby crib with all pillows and sheets = RM 1000.00 (can last for 3 years)

6) Say “NO” to the confinement lady

We can actually discuss with our mother or our mother-in-laws to be our confinement lady after giving birth. This is because some of our parents are as experience as the confinement lady outside.

Cost of confinement done by own mother or mother-in-law = RM 0.00

7) Say “NO” to traditional post natal massage

Want to get back in shape? Traditional massage is not the only way for slimming down. You can do exercises and work outs can slim down too. You can even refer to the "How To" at YouTube for free.

Cost of exercises and work outs = RM 0.00

8) Make your own toys

New toys are expensive nowadays. Why not making our own soft-toys with old cloths and educational toys with paper or cards.

Cost of making own toys = < RM 50.00

9)  Get cheaper stroller for outing

Go online or any forums to seek for second-hand stroller.

Cost of Second-hand stroller =  < RM 150.00

10)  Say “NO” to nanny

Discuss with your mother-in-law or own mother to take care of the baby for you if you need to work.

Cost of nanny (per baby) = RM 1000.00 /month  (Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm)

Cost of mother-in-law or own mother = RM 0.00 /month


In conclusion, 

The expenses on a baby from 0 -3 years old (3 years)

 1. Government medical facilities = RM 0.00

2. Breast feed or normal milk powder = RM 2880.00 (1 year breast+ 2 years powder)

3. Diapers = RM 48.00

4. Old Clothes = RM 0.00

5. Kids bed = RM 100.00

6. Confinement lady = RM 0.00

7. Traditional post natal massage = RM 0.00

8. Make own toys (RM 50 /year) = RM 150.00

9. Cheaper stroller / resell stroller = RM 150.00

10. Nanny = RM 0.00

Total Expenses  = RM 3328.00 / 3 years


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