8 Commonly Mispronounced Luxury Watch Brand Names by Malaysians

Image Credit: www.diamondgenesis.com

Image Credit: www.diamondgenesis.com

Everyone wants to own one of these 8 Luxury Watches. But not everyone knows how to pronounce them. They are commonly mispronounced by most Malaysians. How many do you know how to pronounce?

1) Chopard

Malaysians pronounced as: Chop-Pard
Correct Pronunciation: Sho-Par


2) Breitling

Malaysians pronounced as: Bret-Ling
Correct Pronunciation: Brite-Ling


3) A. Lange & Söhne

Malaysians pronounced as: Ah-Lang-And-Son
Correct Pronunciation: Ah-Lang-eh-And-Zurn-ne


4) Audemars Piguet

Malaysians pronounced as: Au-De-Mars Pea-Gu-et
Correct Pronunciation: Oh-Duh-Mahr Pea-Gay 


5) Hublot

Malaysians pronounced as: Hub-blot
Correct Pronunciation: Ooh-blow


6) Maurice Lacroix

Malaysians pronounced as: Moh-rees La-krox
Correct Pronunciation: Moh-rees La-kwah


7) Jaeger-LeCoultre

Malaysians pronounced as: J-ger-Le-cout
Correct Pronunciation: J-ger-Le-cout-trh


8) Baume & Mercier

Malaysians pronounced as: Bom & Mer-see-er
Correct Pronunciation: Bohm-ay & Mer-See-Ay

Well, the truth is, even if we know how to pronounce them, it will sound weird coming out from our mouths. What do you think?

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