8 Reasons Why Monday is the Most Dreadful Day of the Week

Oh No! It's Monday again! For decades, Monday has been considered the most dreadful day of the week across the globe. Many people often have Monday Blues, feeling down to know that Monday is coming. But why is that? Here is how it was gathered from a Poll conducted on Pollbook. Let's check out the Top 8 voted reasons:

1. It's the start of Working Week | 31%

2. Weekend is Over | 25%

3. You have to Face Your Boss Again After A Happy Weekend | 13%

4. Massive Traffic Jam | 8%

5. Sudden Change in Sleeping Partner | 7%

6. It's Far Away from Weekend | 5%

7. Heavy Workload | 5%

8. Most Tiring Day of the Week | 5%

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Posted on February 15, 2015 .