Top 10 Trends Happening Around Us after GST

Give me a G, give me an S, give me a T and say together with me “G.S.T”! Officially the hottest 3 letters in the history of our country, everyone would agree that April has never been so eventful. While we have noticed mixture of emotions, here are 10 most notable patterns we have seen over the past 2 weeks since the implementation of GST.

1) For the first time ever. Malaysians are taking their bills Very Seriously

“See the bill, see the bill, see got GST or not”. We have never seen Malaysians checking their bills so carefully & frequently

2) A Chance to Shine for the GST PROs

“Where is your GST Number?” "Are you GST Registered?" “Newspaper where got GST? You never go Training Ah?” This also means bad luck for some businesses.


3) 1st Day of GST = Something to Post!

Finally something to post on FB & IG! “Here’s my first receipt with GST!!"


4) Unfortunately, GST marks the end of some businesses

Sad to say but some businesses run by older generations will take this opportunity to retire


5) Confusion between Goods & Service Tax and Service Charges

Fyi. A service charge, not to be confused with GST, is a fee charged by the service provider for delivering services. For example, a restaurant may impose a 10 per cent service charge for serving consumers food and beverages ordered by the latter. And it should go to the employees.


6) Malaysians being Malaysians. We never give up! Probing.  

“Wah then how I know if you have license to charge Service Charge?” "I never get any Service also?" Here is the solution: The Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Ministry will be issuing a service charge certificate to restaurants and hotels soon.


7) The additional sum of GST and Service Charges now make a HUGE impact to where we eat

“Don't go eat there, they got GST & Service Charge, very expensive”  And thus rise the eateries that don’t charge any.


8) We know its a Good Sign when we see hand written receipts

Because hand written receipts = No GST :) "But still check lah, who knows right?"

Hand Written Receipt.png


9) Something to cheer about. Businesses rolling out their Strategies amidst GST.

“Biar Kami Rugi, Anda Puas Hati” “We will absorbed the GST” (We give you guys a like)


10) GST has become A Must-Talk topic every gathering

Every lunch, every dinner, every supper, every discussion, every meeting, we've got GS-TEA! Bear with it guys for another 2 week.

Posted on April 11, 2015 and filed under Current Affair.