10 Roadblocks Stopping Malaysia To Become a Developed Nation

We are no social experts, we are only Malaysian citizen expressing our two cents on what we are experiencing today. We share this article out of our love for the country hoping that we can close the gap to become a developed country as soon as possible. Given that we are already a blessed country with good people, location, weather, natural resources and many more, tackling the below road blocks will definitely see our Malaysian flag fly high in the world arena.

1)  Increasing Crime Rates

Snatch thief, hit & run, rape, robbery. Parents wish they do not need to worry when their children are out.


2) Inefficient Transportation System

Yes MRT is coming but the flaw is that people still need to drive to it. We are lack of a walking-friendly environment. Not forgetting the poor efficiency of buses, taxis and worsening of traffic jam.


3) Shortfall in Public Health Facilities

We are lack of government hospitals to cater for the uprising demand let alone the room for improvement in the standard of government hospitals. Private hospitals are there but not everyone can afford it.


4) Weakening Currency

Can Ringgit value regain stability and stop declining?


5) Low Income vs Rising Inflation

In comparison, a salary of SGD 3000 in Singapore can buy more than RM 3000 in Malaysia.


6) Undesirable News

We have heard too many undesirable news that have affected our country’s reputation and morale in the past 1 year.


7) Poor Drainage System

Putting major flood cases aside, our roads are always filled with water during heavy rainfall.


8) Rising Property Prices

A point to note, it has become harder for Rakyat especially the younger generation to own property.


9) Outflow of Talents

Perhaps low income coupled with strict policies requiring professionals like doctors to compulsorily work for government for number of years have encouraged talents to stay abroad.


10) 1Malaysia

Good that we already have 1Malaysia concept, but the day when we do not have to identify our race on forms would be an ideal scenario.   

Posted on April 26, 2015 and filed under Current Affair.