10 Reasons How Proton Can Be Better Than BMW

So a recent news came out saying that Malaysia’s Proton is on par with other premium vehicle brands like BMW. Our first reaction just like many others were shocked. However, when we decided to put ourselves in Proton’s Shoes for a serious analysis, we come to realized that Proton has its advantages over BMW.

1) Proton is Potentially Safer

Simply because you can’t go any faster with it.


2) Proton is more affordable – of course.

With the same money, you get more Protons. The spare parts too.


3) Proton car design is long lasting

You don’t need to worry about your proton being replaced by a new model because there’s hardly a new version. Some even got discontinued.


4) Proton’s Air Conditioner is Tip Top

Must be true as Proton should understand Malaysian weather better.


5) Proton is Modification-Friendly

You can modify it to look like any other car


6) Proton Can Become Other Brands too

Like Lancer or Accord, now they have become Proton. The next thing you know Proton will have a BMW-alike model too.


7) Car service convenience

We have to give this to Proton as they sure have a well spread of service centers


8) Proton has more Fancy colours

The beauty of colors like lime green, sky blue, is in the beholders’ eyes but for sure you can't get them from BMW.


9) Proton is more Location-Friendly

You can drive and park them to anywhere you want. I mean, you will be less likely to drive a BMW to a pasar pagi right?


10) Proton has cool names for its models

Surely more interesting than numbers. And I even remember some of them for life.

Posted on April 8, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.