10 Key Takeaways From Tech In Asia Singapore 2015


Thanks to Tech in Asia, our team under the umbrella of Pollbook had the privilege to exhibit at the Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 on the 6th of May. We were all excited as it was our first opportunity to be able to pitch the idea of Pollbook and TallyPress at one of the largest conferences in Asia to many visitors of different categories. While many people asked us how did the conference go, as one of the exhibitors, here are our 10 Key Takeaways from Tech in Asia Singapore 2015:

1) A Good Avenue to Validate Your Business Model

Just like many start-ups out there, we all have this question “to stay or to pivot?” during our journeys of entrepreneurship. During our exhibition at Tech in Asia, speaking to people including investors, accelerators, media, other start-ups and visitors has helped us to validate our business direction and to reassure the commercialization potential of our concept.


2) An Inspiration Hub for New Ideas

Tech in Asia is like a big get-together of all amazing start-ups from different countries all over Asia. It was an eye opener for us. More importantly, speaking to all participating start-ups has inspired us with many fresh ideas that we would never think of. On top of this, there were also talks by some inspiring figures such as Khailee Ng from 500 Startups, Anthony Tan from Grab Taxi and Cheryl Yeoh from MaGIC.

Image Credit: Tech In Asia

Image Credit: Tech In Asia

3) A Solid Training Ground for Pitching

During our exhibition at the Tech in Asia Singapore, the number of people we get to pitch to was more than the total pitches we have done over the past one year. At the end of the day, we were already pitching like a Robot, silky smooth. (Though nothing like Kevin Hale from Wufoo and Y Combinator just yet)


4) An Opportunity for Team Bonding

Not sure about other exhibitors, we decided that our whole team should attend the Tech in Asia Singapore together. It ended up to be a good occasion to exhibit team work, not mentioning how much fun we had after work and how we get to know each other better! Happy times.


5) A Decent Venue for Brand Exposure

Nothing beats telling people about your start-up yourself. We were glad to be allocated a booth by Tech in Asia and we were able to make more people aware of Pollbook and TallyPress, noting that many of them came from different cities across Asia.


6) Get to Understand Your Peers

The chances are, you’ll get to see other start-ups of similar category or genre as you. At the bright side, this allowed us to better understand what are our respective pros & cons and also our unique selling points.

Image Credit: Nuzzel.com

Image Credit: Nuzzel.com

7) Potential Collaborations

There were a lot of synergies going around in the exhibition hall. Potential collaborations were very likely to happen at the conference as you meet and speak to other start-ups of the same vertical or a completely different category.


8) A Chance to Speak to Investors

One of the key objectives of many start-ups to attend Tech in Asia conference is to meet potential investors. In our case, we managed to speak to some big Venture Capitalists through the speed dating sessions as well as angel investors who were paying a visit at the conference.


9) Media Exposure

The hall was filled with esteemed writers and editors. Even writers from Tech in Asia were made available for start-ups like us to share our stories.


10) Networking & Leads

All in all, when nothing solid turns out, we still get to make new friends from different countries with different backgrounds. You’ll not be short of name cards, emails and LinkedIn connections. You’ll never know how these connections can become leads in the future.



More networking...

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