10 Unique Things Malaysian Student Would Bring Overseas

Going to study abroad especially for the first time doesn't mean we have to leave our favourite things behind. With baggage weight limit of 30kg to 40kg, Malaysian Students would find ways to stuff these 10 things into their luggage because they are just too precious to live without at overseas. Ah, good old days! Share if you had a similar nostalgic experience.

1) Instant Noodles

No way Malaysian Students abroad can survive without instant noodle especially those that suit our taste. A must bring so that we can do our own Maggi Goreng at times.

2) Cooking Paste

Most of us have never cooked until we go to study overseas. Thanks to these cooking pastes, our Nasi Goreng tasted like Kampung (for the first time ever).

3) Basic Food

Whether you liked it or not, our moms would stuff them in our luggage. And we thanked our moms for doing that when we realised how hard it was to find them.

Sambal Belacan Homemade.jpg

4) Local Biscuits & Snacks

Imagine when you are leaving during festive season, these local delights won't be found missing in your luggage.

5) Cooking Appliances

Especially for those going abroad for the first time. We all know how many things we could cook with a rice cooker. Also, those steamboat sessions we did using the cooking induction hob we brought.

6) Beauty Kit

Girls do not take the risk of not being able to find some of the make up brands at overseas. Hair dryer hmmm, better bring than sorry.

7) Instant Beverage Mix

Somehow 3-in-1 mixes always appear in our luggage, especially when you don't pack your own luggage.

8) Movies & Entertainment

Be it hard or soft copy, we would make sure we are fully loaded with movies of all kinds before we depart.

9) Games

The fear of boredom I suppose, led us to bring all sorts of games overseas.

10) Cigarettes

Whether it's for friends, for ourselves or for sale, everyone would agree that cigarette is one of the important things to bring because its just too expensive at overseas.

Posted on May 16, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.