10 Reasons Why It Is Great Being Malaysian

Okay, enough of negativity. Despite the fact that we want our country to improve, we all know that we are blessed to become Malaysians. If asked whether we would leave the country for good, we still hear firm NOs from the people around us. Malaysia is not too bad after all and here’s why:

1) We Are Pampered With Awesome Food

Ask anyone and they will tell you Malaysian food is the best! And we are glad that we get to eat them all the time and at anytime we want to.

2) We Are Free From Natural Disasters

Well yeah we do get floods (which we can curb by having better drainage system) but at least not earthquake, hurricanes and volcanoes right?

3) We Do Not Need To Strictly Follow the Rules

Look at our neighbor Singapore; walking, driving, and chewing also need to follow the law. Not encouraging you to break the law but I guess we do get some flexibility and we are not complaining.  

4) We Live In A Peaceful Country

One of the greatest values we practice is that we make love, not war. We like peacefulness. It’s in our blood. Our harmonious mix of cultures add icing to the cake.

5) We Have Friendly People Around Us

Our friendliness make it better. Everyone can be bro, abang or “macha”. “Friend-friend la right? You help me, I help you.” And of course “You don’t kacau me, I don’t kacau you also lah!”

6) We Are Not In An Overly “Kiasu” Environment

Unlike countries like Hong Kong, they walk so fast as if there is a competition. We don’t K.O one another to survive nor we badly want our children to be the top in class. “Relax Lah~! Why So Serious?”

7) We Are Blessed With Natural Resources

Without any doubt, our country is gifted with natural resources like petroleum, forestry, plantation, mineral, and land. What more we could ask for right?

8) Our Country Is Naturally Beautiful

And by nature, we are living in one of the greenest countries in the world with great scenery, landscapes as well as beautiful islands. One of the reasons why we attract tourists from all over the world too!

9) We Have Wonderful Weather

Imagine living in a country with four seasons, the changes of weather we have to adapt to, and also the switch of closet all the time. Not sure about you, but I still prefer to be able to wear shorts and sandal all year long!

10) We Have Good Command Of Languages

Not only we have our own version of English called “Manglish”, many of us can also speak different languages or dialects. Pretty useful if we don’t want foreigners to understand what we say.

Last but not least, it is great being Malaysian because we are living in a country full of beautiful girls too! I'm sure you'll agree with me on this!

Image Credit: @jane_teo

Image Credit: @jane_teo

Posted on June 1, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.