10 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

We often hear the debate on whether sons are better than daughters and vice versa. Though it is not by choice to decide whether you want a son or a daughter, (not saying sons are no good) here are 10 firm reasons why daughters are better than sons. To daughters and parents with daughters out there, here is your time to shine! 

1) Nobody cares for the parents and siblings as much as a daughter does

True enough. No matter where they are and who they are with, they have a sense of care and responsibility for their family members.

2) She is the knot which ties the family together

A family usually evolves around the daughter. A good moderator for sure because everyone goes to her and she goes to everyone.

3) She always comes up with exciting plans

Let’s do this! Let’s go somewhere! Daughters love to organize family activities and they usually take the initiative to make it happen.

4) Daughter is the Happy Charm of Every Family

Daughter knows how to make everyone in the family happy. They are affectionate, they know how to please, praise and bring Joy to everyone.

5) She will never forget about the special occasions

Parent’s anniversary, siblings’ birthday and even the pet’s birthday, daughters have them all recorded in their heads. And they will remind you come those occasions too.

6) She is helpful with house chores and every little thing

Expecting your sons to help you with house chores? Sit there and wait. Daughters are less likely to fail you if you need their help with little things or planning.

7) She is a good listener and someone you can talk to

Ever feel lonely? Lucky you if you have a daughter because she is someone you can share your hearts out to. 

8) She is a good shopping and travelling partner

Of course! For the love of shopping and holiday, they would be more than happy to be your companion. 

9) She is the peacemaker whenever there is any argument in the family

Daughter just know how to calm everybody down. It's natural that way.

10) Daughter knows how to balance the love for her father & her partner

Ask any daughter who she would save if both her father and boyfriend are drowning, the answer would be her father. Imagine how a son would struggle for an answer. 

Posted on June 23, 2015 and filed under Work & Relationships.