10 Kopitiam Beverage Terms You Should Know

While we hang out at Kopitiam, we often hear people shouting orders of different beverages, but how many of those terms do you really know? Here we uncover all the Kopitiam beverages glossary that you need to know.

1) Kopi

Coffee with condensed milk.

2) Teh

Tea with condensed milk

3) Cham

Coffee + Tea with condensed milk

4) Yin Yong

Coffee + Tea + evaporated milk and condensed milk (two kinds of milk)


5) Kosong

With no sugar and no milk. For e.g. Kopi Kosong means Coffee with no sugar and no milk.


6) O (Oh)

With sugar but not milk. For e.g. Kopi O means Black Coffee (with sugar but not milk).

7) ‘C’ (Xi)

With evaporated milk (not condensed milk). For e.g. Teh C means Tea with evaporated milk.


8) Kao

Double Shot. For e.g. Kopi O Kao which means double shot of Black Coffee.


9) Beng (Peng)

With Ice. For e.g. Kopi Beng means Coffee with ice

10) Ngalat

Upsize your drink. For e.g. Kopi O Ngalat means Large Black Coffee

Posted on July 15, 2015 and filed under Lifestyle.