10 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

Yes, we agree that there are things Women will never understand about Men (just like how one of our writers explained here), but let’s reverse the situation, there are things that men will never understand about women too. We are not saying it’s your fault ladies, but to a certain extent, how you operate remain a mystery to us and how we wish we could have a glimpse of how your brain is wired. Here are 10 things we will never understand about you:  

1) Why do you always say you’ve nothing to wear

I mean come on, look at your closets, and you even take up our closets, yet you still say you don’t have anything to wear.

2) Your fascination with shoes & bags

We don’t understand what excitement you see in shoes and bags. Most guys will just need a few pairs of shoes and a wallet. But why do you need so many of them? Please enlighten us.

3) Where do you get those energy from when it comes to shopping

We don’t believe your legs are stronger than ours. But when it comes to shopping, how do your legs not get tired after hours of walking?


4) How Can You Be So Good At Multi-Tasking

We admit that men are no good at multi-tasking and we wonder how you do it. This we really have to give it to you.

5) Why do you ask questions that you already have an answer

Since you already have an answer that you want to hear, why don’t you just say it? Do you ask because you really don’t know or is there something else that you want to know?


6) Why you say the opposite of what you mean

We’re puzzled. Is your “yes”, a yes or a no? And when you say “fine”, are you really fine or not fine? You do know things could be simpler right?

7) How do you Remember all those details

Look, we don’t have enough room in our brains to store up when we first kissed and what I said to you on our very first date. It’s sweet that you remember all that stuff about us, but it doesn’t mean we’re capable of the same thing.

8) Why do you like to hear us say “I Love You” or “I Miss You” all the time

Don’t you agree that action speaks louder than words? It doesn’t means that we don’t love you or don’t miss you if we don’t say it out. Would you rather we say it when we don’t mean it?

9) What is your definition of fat

Women like to complain that they are fat when in our opinion they are not, which it’s hard to understand. Seriously, how do you define fat?

10) Why do women like to go to the washroom together

When guys pee, we don’t ask another guy if they wanna come along. And it’s like one minute we take to pee. We do not understand why women like to go to the loo in a group and spend ages in there.

Men are from mars, women are from venus. There are indeed things about each other that both men and women find it difficult to understand. On behalf of men, we must say:
Posted on July 23, 2015 and filed under Work & Relationships.