10 Warning Signs That Reveal The Ugly Sides of Malaysia

Ask why in the first place we need warning signs? We need them because there are people obviously not doing things right. Therefore, warning signs actually tell a lot about a country and how the people behave. Here are 10 warning signs we see in Malaysia. Guess what do they tell?

1) No Smoking Sign

Sometimes you wonder why we need a "No Smoking Sign" especially at the indoors. Obviously Malaysians like to smoke anywhere we want and yet still ignoring the sign.

2) Please Do Not Litter Sign

Seems like Malaysians love to litter that we need warning sign to warn them. What we don't understand is that to the extreme people love to throw rubbish at where is prohibited.

3) Durians & Mangosteens Are Not Permitted Sign

So does this mean that people like to bring durians and mangosteens into the hotels?

4) No Spitting Sign

Guess why do we need at No Spitting Sign at the Drinking Water Station?

5) Beware of Snatch Thief Sign

And is the government telling us that the country is not safe by putting up a "Beware of Snatch Thief" sign?

6) How to Use Toilet Sign

Sad to say that we still need to educate people on how to use the toilet bowl.

7) Priority Seat Sign

Obviously, either people are not absorbing values during classes or our education system is far from behind.

8) No Bathing In The Public Toilet Sign

Perhaps its the water shortage issue that people start taking shower in public toilets.

9) Say No to Taxi Touts Sign

We wonder how good can our taxi drivers be when we see warning sign when we take taxi?

10) You Are Worst Than the Monkey Sign

And the champion of all signs, we have no choice but to compare people to monkey.

Imagine one day when we do not need all these warning signs anymore, that's when you know our country is there.

Posted on June 14, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.