10 Simple Ideas To Save Money

We all want to save money, but let's be honest... With the rising cost of living, it makes it harder for the us to cut corners. Nevertheless, there are always some clever ways for you to save money. Here's how:

1. Freebies


You can explore anything that you can get for free in order to minimize spending. You can take advantage of your credit card reward points, Bonuslink points, AEON points, etc, for redemption.


2. Make Your Own Meals


Pack your own food to office / school. Spending money on groceries that will last you for couple of weeks will cost less than dining out.


3. Lose The Car


Learn to love the public transportation. It will save the petrol cost, toll, your car mileage and even the stress of being stuck in the traffic.


4. Buy Second Hand


Why would you want to pay more for an item if you can pay less? You can shop through websites like Amazon, Mudah.my, Secondhand.my etc. for better discounts.


5. Skip The Movies


When you go for movies, it's not only the movie ticket that will cost you. Think about the transportation cost and the food you will have to pay when you go out for a movie. 


6. Sell your unwanted stuff


You can make some money by selling off stuff that you no longer need. 


7. Start Small

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If you never save consistently before, you can start with a small amount that you know you can achieve. The key is to be able to save consistently. 


8. Reduce electric usage


Make sure you turn off your light, fan and air-cond when you are not in the room. With this, you can save electricity and the bill as well. 


9. Read online


Why would you want to spend money on reading materials such as news, magazine and even book when you can read it for free online.  


10.  Reduce consumption of alcohol and tobacco


By reducing your alcohol and tobacco intake, you can save so much more. Especially, when there's no health benefit from those consumption. What's worst, it might cost you future medical bills.


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Posted on July 26, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.