10 Perks of Being A Short Girl in Malaysia (with video)

Being tall is cool but might not be helpful especially when you are in Malaysia. After all, the numbers of short girls are more than tall girls in Malaysia and that itself says it all.

1) You’ll always be shaded from the sun

Especially when you are with taller guys, they will get the heat of the sun first and become a shade to you. How nice.

2) Every potential date will be taller than you

Unlike the tall girls, you don't have to worry about ending up with a guy shorter than you. It is safer to be short than tall.

3) You can drive smaller cars

Because you’ll always have more leg room, you’ll fit nicely into a small car. Lucky you.

4) You’ll not look awkwardly huge

With Malaysian girls average height of around 162 cm, you’ll blend in just fine.

5) You’ll make the guys feel macho

Since Malaysian guys are not very tall after all, you being short will make them feel more comfortable.  

6) Guys instinctively want to protect you

You’ll create the impression that you need to be protected.

7) You'll always get free help

Your height makes asking for help with any physical task easier especially those involving lifting of heavy stuff or grabbing things from tall shelves.

8) You’ll look young forever

Being small size make you look young. People can't really guess your exact age.

9) You can wear whatever heels you want

Yes whatever heels you want and whenever you want. And the best thing, your height after wearing heels will look just about right.

10) Kids will love you

Probably because they think you’re one of them.

Posted on December 25, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.