9 Challenges Stopping Malaysia from Achieving Wawasan 2020

Wawasan 2020 or Vision 2020 is a Malaysian ideal introduced by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad. The vision calls for the nation to achieve a self-sufficient industrialized nation by the year 2020, encompasses all aspects of life, from economic prosperity, social well-being, educational worldclass, political stability, as well as psychological balance.

Given 5 years to go from now till year 2020, here we review ourselves against the 9 challenges Tun Mahathir lamented that the nation required to overcome in order to achieve Vision 2020. Is the nation prepared to welcome Wawasan 2020? You judge. 

Challenge 1: Establishing a united Malaysian nation made up of one Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race).

With the recent Low Yat Plaza incident, racial tension has been proven to be still easily manipulated.  

Challenge 2: Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society.

Is our country psychologically open-minded? And is our country safe and secure? I'm sure we all have the answer. 

Challenge 3: Fostering and developing a mature democratic society.

How can one country be a mature democratic society when there is no freedom of expression?

Challenge 4: Establishing a fully moral and ethical society.

Honest, Righteous, Honorable, and Principled are some of those words you can relate with for this challenge. Do we have a fully ethical society? You judge. 

Challenge 5: Establishing a matured liberal and tolerant society.

Obama said it all. And perhaps we are being "too" tolerant for how many things fall in place. 

Challenge 6: Establishing a scientific and progressive society.

It would be unfair to say that Malaysia hasn’t been progressing. But our speed of internet sums up how "fast" we progress.

Challenge 7: Establishing a fully caring society.

We won't be one fully caring society until we care for our surroundings. 

Challenge 8: Ensuring an economically just society, in which there is a fair and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation.

You know it's hard to achieve a fair and equitable distribution when donations go to the wrong way.

Challenge 9: Establishing a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.

Perhaps its a global phenomenon, but it is also evident from the weakening ringgit that Malaysia's political upheaval is making things worst.

Posted on August 13, 2015 and filed under Current Affair.