10 Things Men Describe About Marriage


Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. This is what men think about marriage.

1) From a Boy to a Man

Marriage is how a boy becomes a real man. Real men are willing to take up all kinds of burdens just to take care of their women.

2) Touch-Down of Love

Marriage is the “touch-down” of love. This is how both men and women express their loves by “tying the knot” with each other for their entire life.


3) It's a Commitment

Marriage isn't just a piece of paper. It is the commitment from both man and woman to each other. Whereby, the man is committed to give happiness to the woman and to take care of her in regardless of any circumstances. In the other hand, the woman is committed to give companionship to the man and to take care all household works for the man.

4) First Step to Build a Family

Marriage is the first step to build a family. A child is the most precious production of love from a couple. The child is also the bond between the man and the woman in their relationship.

5) For Women to Remove their Mask

Marriage is where a woman can put down their pride, dignity, “mask”, and rest on a man’s shoulder.  Woman can finally get some rest from confronting cruel social matters, difficult people, and let their men to handle for them.

But then again, some men might think differently about marriage...

6) Graveyard of Love

Marriage is the graveyard of love. When both man and woman had been in relationship for many years, both have encountered the boredom of being together, not much conversation left, not much surprises anymore, but they could not lose each other in their lives, so they decided to get married.


7) Life Imprisonment

Marriage is considered as a jail for men where they lose their freedoms. Many men think that, after they got married, they could not go anywhere by their own will and freely. They have to “get permissions” from their women in advance from getting out. They need to make a “report of their whereabouts” to their women. They feel that they will be forced to go home early from their brotherhood drinking session so that they won’t get nagged and the list goes on.


8) From Rich to Poor

Marriage is how a rich man becomes a poor man. After marriage, most of the man's income will be managed by the woman. All the existing assets of men will be shared equally with their women as well.

9) Life is Short

Some of the men think that marriage will definitely shorten their lives. Men get more stressful mentally especially being nagged throughout their whole lives after getting married.


10) It's a Bet

Marriage is the biggest bet on a man’s life. They hope that their women will stay pretty, lovely and open-minded just like before they got married.

Posted on August 15, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.