10 Disastrous Traits of Chinese Tourists When They Travel Abroad

The Chinese have earned a reputation as some of the world's rudest travelers and with China’s growing number of outbound tourists, it can be disastrous. I had the chance to validate this saying when I recently found myself touring in the United States with a bus filled with mainland Chinese tourists. While I don't mean for this article to represent all the tourists from China, the experience I had was in line with the statement. Here are 10 traits of mainland Chinese tourists that made them special when they travel abroad: 

1) They come in huge numbers

Buses and buses of them! And when they are in that number, it's disastrous. You'll soon find out why in the below.

2) They hardly queue

The word 'queue' doesn't exist in their dictionary. It just doesn't.

3) They tussle for goods

"Grab before it's gone!" Especially when the goods are selling at a cheaper price than in China. 

4) They have the spending power

Don't judge a book by its cover. How the Chinese spend will leave you in shock. 

5) They are ignorant

Yes it's a public area but who cares!

6) They are very curious

Yes and they usually snap the photo of a same thing for like a thousand times.

7). They spit everywhere they go

Oh a beautiful lawn here, you know what they'll do with it. 

8) They don't clean up their mess

Certainly not the best travelers you want for a clean and tidy environment. 

9) They sit everywhere

Yes it doesn't matter anywhere. 

10) They complain alot

And even get aggressive at times. 

Posted on August 20, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.