9 Popular TV shows with a Malaysian Flavour

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Young or old, we are all fans of a good TV show. Be it The Apprentice, Big Bang Theory or Friends, we have all religiously followed at least 1 TV show in our lifetime. How about looking closer to home and seeing what TV shows have been popular that had its origins from Malaysia.

1. Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd

Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd continues from the events of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd. Phua Chu Kang and his wife leave Singapore to expand his business in Malaysia. This sitcom was made famous by the lead character’s famous mold on his face, the yellow boots, and who could forget the slogan “Best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam”!

Image Credit: http://splitsider.com

Image Credit: http://splitsider.com

2. Roda Impian

Roda Impian was the spin-off from America’s famous Wheel of Fortune show and aired between 1996 to 2006. Probably the most famous line heard on that show was “Putar Abang Halim” (translated to “Spin the wheel, Mr.Halim”) and “Wang Besar Wang Besar” (translated to “Big Money”).

3. The Apprentice Asia

Who can ever forget Donald Trump’s famous “You are fired” act in his show The Apprentice. Malaysian launched its own version The Apprentice Asia and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes playing the role of Donald Trump. It was a show to test the wits, intelligence, teamwork and savvy-ness of some of the brightest minds in Asia. Season 1 concluded with Jonathan Yabut winning it.  

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4. Akademi Fantasia

Akademi Fantasia premiered in 2003 is liken to the concept of “La Academia” from Mexico. It was Malaysia’s first reality show in which all the contestants were made up by students competing to win the title and get their big break in the entertainment industry. Now, this is hope for aspiring students who want a shot at being the next Dato’ Siti Nurhazila.

5. Senario

Senario was a 90s hit comedy sitcom where the local comedian scene started to gain publicity and Saiful Apek was the king of comedy.  Senario went on to live in the hearts of many Malaysians and probably even contributed to the motto of “Laughter is the best medicine”!

6. Upin & Ipin

Upin & Ipin was introduced in 2007 and featured the life and adventures of the eponymous twin brothers in a fictional Malaysian “kampong” setting. Upin & Ipin was such a hit that it was adapted into a monthly comic magazine series, aptly titled "Majalah Komik Upin & Ipin"!

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Image Credit: http://coffeeticks.my

7. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu was a local sitcom and revolved around the daily lives of the residents at “Flat Seri Wangi”. It gained such a following that it was made into a musical and even made it into the local newspaper “Berita Minggu” as a weekly comedy strip.

8. Kampung Boy

Kampung Boy or fondly known as Lat, the Kampung Boy was an animated TV series aired in 1997. It took the viewers of life in the kampung. The brainchild of this tv show was based on the hit autobiographical novel The Kampung Boy.   

9. Oh My English!

Oh My English! is a Malaysian comedy and Educational television series which debuted in May 2012 on Astro TVIQ. Oh My English! garnered a following to the extent that many students and parents believed that the show improved the English level of the students. Now, this is a show that all Educators in Malaysian schools can use for the betterment of the student.

There you have it! 9 shows that you can proudly say “Made in Malaysia”! :) 

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