10 Types Of Rally Protesters. Are You One Of Them?

Image Credit: greatermalaysia.com

Image Credit: greatermalaysia.com

Did you participated in the Bersih 4.0 recently? Which type of rally protesters do you think you are? Find out below which type of protesters you fall under.

1) The Leader Type

They are the one who came up with the theme for the protest and led the supporters towards the objective of the rally.

2) "Front Line Soldier" Type

They are those who took the microphone, led the crowd to shout out loud and walk right behind the leader. They are like the "General" of the rally.

3) "Back-End Soldier" Type

They are those who took the banners and "back-up" the front-line soldier. They are always ready to for the front line replacement.

4) "Prepare To Escape" Type

This type of protester, always look around for escape route every single time they move forward. They were well prepared to escape for any unwanted circumstances.

5) "The Medic" Type

They are those who helped out the injured, fainted, whoever that need medical assistant by providing to them with food and water and even helped to drag them aside.

6) "The Scout" Type

They  always walk and hide further ahead from the crowd to look for any unwanted circumstances that might happen. They will rush back to inform the crowd for any sudden incidents.

7) "The Half-Hearted" Type

This is the kind of supporter who can never give their full support and commitment to the rally. They walk halfway or won't stay long enough until the rally is finished. They will with the crowd halfway, and can simply decided to go home immediately and call it a day.

8) "The Clown" Type

This type of protester, just appear at the rally to seek for fun and to feel the atmosphere of the rally. Some said that they might not even know or understand the purpose of the protest that they went. Some even said that this type of protest enjoy to be make their "appearance" in the rally. 

9) "The Coward" Type

This is the funniest type of all. They will immediately run away if they heard of any unidentified noises from any angle. They will leave the protest route immediately, and with the fastest speed in order for them to go home

10) "The Ghost" Type

This is the most dangerous type of protester. They will create chaos, get into fight with the authorities, throw anything that is in their hand, cause fire and anything that will create havoc in the rally. If you want a peace kind of rally, please do avoid this type of protester. 

Posted on September 5, 2015 and filed under Just For Fun.