10 Types of "Co-Workers" at The Workplace

Image Credit: http://mashable.com

Image Credit: http://mashable.com

On average, Malaysians spend 8-12 hours at work. This accounts for at least 50% of your waking hours. In the workplace, we meet all kind of characters who either can make or break our day. Here’s a handy guide on the various personalities that can be commonly found in every workplace.

 1) The Serious One

We have all met this person before. He or she is always serious all the time and is highly work-centric. He or she can also come across as a “know-it-all” due to their serious nature at work. Don’t ask them what they do for fun as you may get “work” as the reply.

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2) The Joker

We all need to let loose on occasion and have fun. Be it cracking a joke, playing a prank or simply smiling, we have all done that. However, “The Joker” tends to do this all the time and colleagues don’t view him or her as someone whom can be relied upon at work. Occasionally, the jokes can be too negative or even making fun at other co-workers.

Image Credit: memegenerator.net

Image Credit: memegenerator.net


3) The President

Every workplace has “The President”, i.e. someone who loves talking to others, is charming and knows everyone by their first name. Often, “The President” is usually the one organizing social outings, movies and/or sports. While he or she seems to be the perfect co-worker due to his or he charming personality, but more often than not, he or she won’t be great doing work. In a nutshell, “The President” is the “all talk and no action” person.

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4) The Girl Next Door

This co-worker may appear attractive, sweet and may even be a good friend. However, often, this co-worker tends to use her appearance to get away with things or to get other colleagues to do her work. Most of the time, her co-workers will happily do as she requested, especially the male co-workers.

Image Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

Image Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk


5) The MIA

The MIA (Missing In Action) is a unique species at work that has the superpowers to “disappear” during critical times only to re-appear once everything has settled.  To make matters worse, he or she will still get credit for the work even though he or she didn't contribute to the work.


6) The Snack Monster

Clock strikes 3pm and you are suddenly craving for something sweet as an instant energy boost. Or maybe you are craving for some salty popcorn to snack away while completing your report. If you have a “Snack Monster” as your co-worker, he or she would have a stash of snacks and food in the cabinet. This can range from biscuits to instant noodles to chocolates, to coffee and well, just about everything that doesn’t require actual cooking.


7) The Aesthetic One

With gyms and fitness centers being located in almost every neighborhood, chances are you and your co-workers are already members of a gym. However, there will always be this one guy in office who is waiting to show his biceps, or volunteers to carry heavy boxes to show off his muscles. It’s easy to spot “The Aesthetic One” as he will be self-conscious of his appearance and will be adjusting his hair or office attire to make sure it’s in order. In a nutshell, they appear flawless in appearance.

Image Credit: www.ddanzi.com

Image Credit: www.ddanzi.com


8) The Loner

It’s easy to spot “The Loner”. They rarely talk to anyone, eat lunches on their own, and rarely attends any social events. While you could say that these individuals are extremely introverted, but occasionally, it could be the case that they don’t like their co-workers or don’t even like their workplace.

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9) The Overtime King and Queen

Every office has these characters. They are the earliest to come into office and one of the last to leave office. They even come in to office on the weekends. Often, they will cite their heavy workload as the cause of their long working hours. However, sometimes, working long hours becomes their “hobby” and you would see them in the office even on the festive weekends.

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10) The Slacker

Comes into office late, clocks off early, take long lunches, and hands in work past the deadline. These are characteristics of “The Slacker”. If you have “The Slacker” as one of your team members, be prepared to take on a heavier workload to compensate for his/her attitude and pray that he/she leaves the Company for good.

Image Credit: http://www.quickmeme.com

The article was contributed by Tarminder Singh.

Tarminder is a fitness enthusiast and believes that one can achieve anything in life with great passion and character. A Subang boy with a dream that his boyhood club Liverpool can win the Premier League within his lifetime.


Posted on March 16, 2016 and filed under Work & Relationships.